How to create a single page app with AngularJS thanks to the help of Yeoman

Yeoman ( is an awesome tool that helps you to easily scaffolding a web application using best practice; in short words with yeoman you get rid doing manual configuration and set up of a project from the scratch.

Yeoman has a bunch of generators, for instance there is a generator for creating an angularJS app, an other one for creating a backbone app and so on. You can find a complete list of the generators on this link:

In this small tutorial we are going to use the yeoman angular generator for generating all the boilerplate that a developer needs to get started with an angular app. You can find more informations about the angular generator at the following link:
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An introduction to AngularJS

If you wanna talk about AngularJS you’ve to explain the concept of: Directive, Controller, Expressions, Two way Data Biding and Modules.

AngularJS is a javascript framework maintaned by Google who helps developer to build awesome Single Page App. It is born especially to build web app after a user has logged in, so for all the apps that doesn’t need to be indexed by search engines likes CRM, ERP, Social Network and so on. You can compare angular as a new HTML compiler which allows you to create your own domain specific language in HTML, by attaching your own behavior to any HTML element, attribute or text. In AngularJS the term “compile the HTML” means attaching event listeners to the HTML to make it interactive. It follows a declarative approach in order to infer behaviour on your html page.

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