An agile coding game for your engineering team: Extreme Carpaccio

On the 11th of January, I attended to a London meetup organized by London Software Crafsmanship and hosted by Pivotal (office based in Old Street).

After reading the meetup title, I decided to attend. The meetup title was “Hands-on Session: Extreme Carpaccio: slice thin, code fast“.

  • Let’s say that I’m a foodie, then I’m Italian and finally a passionate software engineer.
  • Let’s say that Carpaccio is a typical dish based on raw fish and meat thinly sliced and served as starter or appetizer.
  • Let’s say that the meat Carpaccio is typical from Piedmont, that is the region where I come from.
  • Let’s say that I’m interested to improve my agile software developments skills using extreme programming.

This was the perfect occasion!

What is Extreme Carpaccio?

Extreme Carpaccio is a coding game in which teams should slice a given problem and then implement the solution based on their slicing strategy. During an Extreme Carpaccio session a server sends requests to participant’s laptops. Participants should then implement their solution following their slicing strategy in order to satisfy the server.

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