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I’m Daniela a Senior Engineering Manager for CrowdStrike, a cybersecurity company

In CrowdStrike, I’m currently working for the Platform product group and I’m managing two teams of cloud and front end engineers. My leadership style is based on the servant leadership philosophy. My goal as a manager is to empower engineers to grow in their career while having fun at work. I’m supporting the engineering team by translating the high level product roadmap to technical requirements, I participate to design and architecture reviews providing feedback and overall, promote a culture of leadership at all levels and customer’s empathy; I’m working with stakeholders to drive the roadmap, priorities and build new products or features to stop the bad guys. I’m a technical manager, even if my time to code is minimal, I’m still able to do pair programming and code reviews.


I became an Engineering Manager after many years working as software engineer for multiple industries: e-learning, automotive, consulting and cybersecurity. In Italy, I got a degree in Computer Science at the University Politecnico of Turin. After many years in Italy, I decided to move to London to grow in my career. I’m passionate about new technologies and cybersecurity topics. I’m also a mentor for managers and engineers. In my leisure time, I love hiking, travelling and cooking.



Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dremogna/

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